Illustrating Books

  As a young upstart, I sought illustration work in the book trade. I sent out samples of my work, including my version of the Pied Piper of Hamelin.. As well as a gentle scene from the natural world. Here are three book illustrations from an early commission, describing: The good guys revealing themselves to … More Illustrating Books

Portraits of K.

They say two heads are better than one, so this week we are featuring two portrait drawings I made of the daughter of some friends. The first is fairly naturalistic. I like the open innocence of the gaze. Head of K. II by Barry Trower (1986). The second is more composed and stylized, but I … More Portraits of K.

Prisoner of Love

If you are sailing south to escape winter on a tropical beach, beware the shores of Kalypso’s island, or you may become a prisoner of love! I like the loose, calligraphic brushwork and the sense of light and shadow in this painting. To rosy-fingered dawn… Barry

Painter and Model

This week we are presenting two oil sketches on the same theme, the painter and his model. I applaud the way this artists lines echo the curves of his model. Mostly done in black,orange and browns, this one is full of textures, as it was painted over an autumnal landscape, which you can still see … More Painter and Model

Venus and Mars II

I made hundreds of charcoal drawings in the 1980’s. This is a favourite theme, allowing me to explore contrasts of various kinds. I am proud to have drawn expressive form from such minimal means. ‘Til next week, Barry


My actors are artists, facing uncertainty in an indifferent world with a stoic gaze. They make me think of Penelope and Odysseus. They were painted in acrylic over a photolithographic landscape which shows through faintly in parts of the image. I feel that the muted colours here allow the swift lines to play off one … More Actors

Magic Show

This week we are putting on a magic show! Give your ticket to the lovely magicians assistant and she will take¬†you to your seat, the show is about to begin! Here we are on stage with the great magician himself, about to pull a rabbit out of his hat. Abra Cadabra and… Presto! To the … More Magic Show

The Bogeyman

There’s been some scary stuff happening around here lately! We just got through Hallowe’en, with the streets full of little ghosts and goblins, and now we hear that in the United States of America millions of mindless zombies have been seen stumbling from their trailer parks in the backwoods to choose an evil clown as … More The Bogeyman