Today’s blog will feature a couple of illustrations I did 25 years ago. Although both depict winter scenes for Christmas, they were painted in the full heat of summer in my un-air-conditioned studio, which is why I thought of them today. I hope in seeing them they will have the same cooling effect for you.

I was doing freelance greeting card illustration for a company in London Ontario that summer, and Christmas and birthdays were the themes they were looking for, so I covered these subjects frequently. The pictures are done in acrylic on paper, treated almost like watercolour.

Being paid by the piece (and not that much), I learned to work quickly and sometimes used mistakes to my advantage. To make this worth my while, I basically had to complete one good illustration each day.

In this case, I like the sketchy, fresh quality of the paint, and the feeling of atmosphere achieved.

To All a Good Night by Barry Trower.
To All a Good Night by Barry Trower.

The second one is one of my favourites. Although I did not have children at the time, the two children to the left of this scene remind me of my own. Though the statue is also different, this scene reminds me of our Victoria Park in London. The picture resided in my parents’ house for many years, and now belongs to my son.

Winter Park by Barry Trower.
Winter Park by Barry Trower.

Here’s hoping this post finds you enjoying your summer,



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