Hello everyone,

Today’s painting is one that is featured as the banner for my new website. We needed one that was graphic and also fit the necessary dimensions. We hope you like this painting and the new layout!

I started this painting after America went into Iraq, hence the red, white and blue on left-hand side. The skull on the right would be Saddam, but of course can stand in for any dictator. The figure on the very right could be a woman or a mosque, and the lit fuse is the powder keg this war has set off.

Baghdad by Barry Trower.
Baghdad by Barry Trower.

I think that the graffiti-like style well-represents the violence of such conflicts and allows the artist to make marks with real power. I have on occasion been stopped by a train and have seen many examples of graffiti on train cars that I find interesting. The trick seems to be to make convincing and immediate marks quickly and to give them visual power. Perhaps the modern artist has to do the same. Wishing you a peaceful time until the next post.



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