I’ve been thinking my latest posts have been somewhat heavy and morbid, so this week we are going to do something more fun and childish. Here are some drawings of children. All of them were done with willow stick charcoal on paper, which is basically a burnt stick of willow. It gives nice blacks and greys. I did a lot of drawings in the eighties and this has always been a favourite medium. This summer I visited my in-laws in Germany after a long hiatus and reunited with these older works that hang in their house.

The first is titled “Girls Dancing”, for obvious reasons. I think it is dynamic and dance-like, and I am proud of the way the action fills the space.

Girls Dancing by Barry Trower (1984).
Girls Dancing by Barry Trower (1984).

The second was sent to my wife’s grandmother as a birthday card. Although it is simple, the marks have real zip and I think I have portrayed a feeling of trust and friendship.

Girl With Cat by Barry Trower (1987).
Girl With Cat by Barry Trower (1987).

The third is probably the oldest and was done for a brochure advertising my illustration services. I was trying to get the attention of book publishers, and so chose a reading theme. This drawing is softer and more tentative than my later work, but I still like the sense of dark and light in it.

Storytime by Barry Trower.
Storytime by Barry Trower.

Thanks for your visit and I will be posting something colourful again next week, so stay tuned!




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