Leda and the Swan

In Greek mythology, Leda, the daughter and wife of kings, catches the eye of Zeus, who transforms himself into a swan to seduce her. These are two paintings of their encounter.

The first is an older version done in oils in muted colours and a somewhat realistic style. I like the shadows and reflections, which give a watery feel. The shapes of the two figures are strongly silhouetted, to give a solidity to the scene.

Leda and the Swan by Barry Trower (1985).
Leda and the Swan by Barry Trower (1985).

The second painting is a newer version with more ragged brushstrokes and faster paint application. It is painted over a commercial lithograph reproduction, which can still be seen in some spots through the scene. I like the hands in this picture and the sense of open air and forest in the sketchy background. I also think the swan has some degree of menace.

Leda by Barry Trower (1992).
Leda by Barry Trower (1992).

It’s a bit of a crazy story, but seems to have struck a chord with many painters and poets. Hope you like my versions.

Wishing you only peaceful encounters with waterfowl,



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