With drawing you are not so much making a picture of something as a camera does, but rather you are describing a three dimensional object as it exists in space. The problem lies in having only the two dimensions of the paper to work with. The solution is to make marks that to the eye exist in space, and arranging the composition to that end.


Sculptor and Model by Barry Trower.
Sculptor and Model.

Here a sculptor manipulates his clay which is another form of drawing. The speed and direction of the charcoal and eraser marks here make up the physicality of the image.

The Sirens by Barry Trower (1987).
The Sirens (1987).

Odysseus and the girls here are almost schematically drawn but “exist ” visually in space due to the impact the marks on the white paper make on the eye.

We’ll be back with something colourful next week!




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