Snow, even with global warming a regular feature of our winter here in London, Ontario. There’s always something magical in the way it falls or how a heavy snow can make the world go so quiet. To paint it requires some tricks and a few false starts. I’ve shot paint off the bristles of a toothbrush or whipped it off the end of a fully loaded brush like Jackson Pollock.


Winter Street by Barry Trower (1989).
Winter Street (1989).

Our first offering portrays a treelined street in London in the snow. We lived in a second floor apartment on such a street and learned to see the world from above. Apart from the difficulty of painting all those darned branches I’m pleased with the blowing snow and the muted palette of blue and purple with just that touch of yellow on the lone figure.


The Dufferin Arms, Winter by Barry Trower (1989).
The Dufferin Arms, Winter (1989).



This is a fairly accurate depiction of the view from my studio in the aforementioned apartment on an overcast day in winter.


I hope the new year brings you magical and peaceful days.



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