Strong Women

This week’s blog is dedicated to my daughter Holly, who talked me into starting this blog, designed the website and has always encouraged me to get my artwork to a wider audience. She is studying abroad for six months and will be sorely missed.

Strong Women

Medusa by Barry Trower (1993).
Medusa (1993)

In Greek mythology Medusa was a gorgon who could turn a person to stone with the fierceness of her gaze. Perseus beheads her and uses the head to defeat an enemy in this fashion. Medusa was often depicted with snakes for hair. My version is pretty tame with merely spiky hair and a rather bewildered gaze, but I like the fresh childlike drawing.


Amazon by Barry Trower (1993).
Amazon (1993).

I sometimes call this picture “Amazon”, but for today’s theme she will be Diana, goddess of wood and wilderness! Here she is armed and dangerous with bow and quiver.

I haven’t encountered such danger in my experience of womankind, and this week’s title is rather tongue in cheek, but one has to assert that giving opportunity and encouragement to women can only strengthen us all.

‘Til next week,



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