My last two posts have been rather monochromatic, so it’s time to throw some colour and drama back into the mix. And what could be more colourful or dramatic than the story of Delilah, that sexy spy from biblical times?

Delilah by Barry Trower (1988).
Delilah by Barry Trower (1988).

The temptress Delilah, about to disarm the mighty Samson by shearing his hair in his sleep, depriving him of his strength. He will be blinded and made helpless by the assassin reflected in the right-hand mirror. Despite the cheery story, I am happy with the loose but effective drawing in this depiction, as well as the delicious colours used. I also like Delilah’s face and how the two mirrors help to balance the lively composition.

Thinking of putting off that haircut for another week,



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